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Improvements to the SHIP database
Fri, 10/11/2023 - 08:31

In parallel to our ongoing digitisation activities, work is also taking place to improve the functionalities of the SHIP database. The latest set of upgrades offer simpler ways for you to download material from the ESA Archives, including pdf files of documents:

Pdf files

Work has been taking place behind the scenes to offer pdf files of all the documentary material currently digitised and available in our highlights in SHIP. This means that in addition to browsing through individual image files for each page, you can also download one complete pdf of all pages for each file, document or publication.


Now you can download both these pdfs and jpg files directly from the image viewer (see below). Simply select the file type you want in the top menu bar of the viewer. Note that the pdf option will only appear for documents, not for image files or series of images.

More information

More guidance on how to search and credit material and on the features of the SHIP database.