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Links to further digital resources for space heritage, hosted by ESA or the Historical Archives of the European Union.

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ESA Historical Archives At HAEU

For the past 30 years, the European Space Agency’s historical archives have been hosted by the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) in accordance with a deposit agreement signed between ESA and the European University Institute on 12 May 1989. Since then, approximately 50 000 paper files have been transferred in yearly shipments to Florence.

COPERS at HAEU – 1959-1964

The European Preparatory Commission for Space Research (COPERS) Archives is a digital collection consisting mainly of relevant papers on the ESRO Convention with the minutes of the so-called ESRO Conference.

ESRO At HAEU - 1964-1975

Predecessor of ESA, the European Space Research Organisation was established for space science. Its archive essentially comprises minutes and correspondence files emanating from the various ESRO bodies and departments. The minutes of the Council and the Scientific and Technical Committee provide information on decision-making processes and on the main political steps of the organisation. The files offer a particular resource for the history of ESTEC, the biggest establishment of the European Space Agency. The richness of the legal documentation gives a vivid impression of discussions on the various contracts and agreements.

ELDO at HAEU - 1964-1975

The European Launcher Development Organisation fonds enable users to reconstruct the history of ELDO, the European organisation dedicated to launchers, who developed the Europa rocket series. Its winding organisational and financial history is reflected in the fact that a large part of documentation is related to the liquidation of ELDO. This fonds has an interesting appendix of documentation, in particular concerning the activities of the Guiana centre in Kourou.

ESC at HAEU - 1966-1975

The core of the European Space Conference fonds is a master copy of official issues related to the Ministerial Conferences held from 1966 until 1975 and its related ad hoc groups. In particular, the collection from the Legal Affairs Department documents the meticulous definition of the articles making up the Convention.

Oral History of Europe in Space

Oral History of Europe in Space is a collaboration between ESA and the European University Institute - HAEU to record the memories and experiences of important individuals in the development of European space cooperation. It offers transcripts of a series of historical interviews with key personalities in ESA Member States from ministries, space agencies, scientific institutes and industry and from ESA, ELDO and ESRO.

ESA Historical Publications

A collection of past publications from ESA, including history study reports, monographs, brochures and promotional material. All publications are downloadable as PDFs.

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