Earth Observation Quarterly
Earth Observation Quarterly number 1 © ESA

Earth Observation Quarterly was the free quarterly newsletter of ESA's Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes. It was part of the Newspapers series (later renamed Newsletters), for periodic publications between 8 and 12 pages.

EOQ was published by the ESA Publications Division in ESTEC (in March, June, September, December each year) between 1983 and 2003. It contained articles from individual contributors and information related to Earth observation programmes, including the Earthnet programme, Meteosat, ERS (European Remote Sensing satellite), Solid Earth programme, future applications and ENVISAT products and services (the penultimate issue, no. 70, covered the run-up to the launch of ENVISAT in March 2002). From 1992 to 2001 it was published with a supplement called Record of Images.

EOQ was published in both English and French up to issue 45 (1994); thereafter only in English. The digitised copies of these issues are in a unique file, with English first, followed by the French version.

This collection covers the full period of this series – a total of 71 issues. However, the Archives are missing the French copy of the first issue from 1983. We are interested in hearing from anyone with a copy of this who would be willing to donate it!


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